Iframe Jquery

Make iframe automatically adjust height according to the contents in it using javascript (Support Cross-Domain)

In some pages in your application you may need to feed content form other domain or other pages from same domain using iFrame . We normally set width and height for the iFrame so if the content is bigger than iFrame, scroll will appear automatically. Here is the JavaScript that can fix height dynamically using window.postmessage() method.

Background CSS

Background Image Change on every 5sec using css3

For those who looking to change background image on every 5sec or some period of time this post will be very useful. In the past we have done this using some scripts like jquery, now you can do this with few lines of CSS3.

Background CSS Jquery

Background Image Change on every 5sec using Jquery

In this article, will show you how to change background image on some period of time . So here is the tutorial to apply this kind of effect to your web project. You can achieve it in few lines of jquery. Use it and make  your website more beautiful.