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  1. zanoof

    good work

  2. Faysal

    Thank you very much my friend for sharing this tutorial.

  3. Alex

    Thanks a lot. just what I needed.
    Great instructions.

  4. nicholas

    the same has stopped working in Firefox 13…can you help please?

  5. Nsokyi

    Is there a way to make it so the user could click to select a slide and have that slide there even if they go to a new page?

  6. radha krishna

    your script is so simple and superb for all levels of programers keep it up and thanks for this nice script

    1. shafeek


  7. Valérie Candau

    Works fine on most browsers, but not in Opera…

  8. chris

    is posible take random images.

  9. Rappy

    Great you are good to go, very good work. Like it.

  10. uma

    very good !!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Thijs

    Hi there,

    The tutorial and the demo look great.
    I really would like to use this code but what I do not understand is if the css code and the javascrpit code are imbedded in the hmtl or saved as separate files.
    Futhermore I do not see any reference in the html file to the css and the javascript files.
    The question is how do these three documents comunicate with each other?
    Hope to hear from you.


  12. Andre

    Very nice piece of work. I would like to know how can you centre the images like when you have a static image, you can centre the image so when you resize the screen you will always see the centre of the background.


  13. ramesh

    Thank you very much my friend for sharing this tutorial.

  14. Okan Demir

    Thank You very much my friend

  15. kostas

    how can this be done by clicking something, not at an interval, please?

  16. frytek1986

    The first image is not fading on ie8 and earlier

  17. udara

    wow 😀 thank you very much. (Y)

  18. satyawan

    best plugin boss…

    1. satyawan

      very nice and use full plugin for me.. thanks ..

  19. Yelson Ramirez

    Wow, this tutorial is awesome I’ve had this problem for a while and thanks to you it’s all fixed. Thank you, thank you alot. ^^

  20. Simen


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